The future of intelligent transportation

Managing transportation infrastructure is never a one size fits all solution. We understand that every organization and situation you and your team encounter is unique. No one has built technology that bakes this understanding into their product, until now.

We're building a future where situational awareness is available on any internet connected device, where ensuring emergency responders are safe is as simple as clicking a button, and where keeping travellers up to date and relieving congestion can be within your budget. These are real solutions being implemented today with Klover.

A smarter approach

We’re bringing together big data, cloud computing, modern browser technologies and the Internet of Things to create an entirely new platform to manage your transportation infrastructure. This secure platform is an integral facet of your Smart City solution. While Klover focuses on Transportation, it can directly integrate with Parking and Lighting.

Smart cities are not simply concrete and sensors and to not understand this, risks promulgating myths about what technology can and should do. We have built our reputation on having this level of understanding and have worked with municipalities to get to know them and be ready to bring solutions to their specific challenges and restrictions. Technology is not the priority, meeting the needs of citizens and keeping them safe is what’s most important.

What's possible Towards a
connected future

Klover enables smart cities to deploy the next generation of technology infrastructure. Our team is working with hardware manufacturers to deliver vehicle to V2X capabilities.

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  • Skyline Products
  • Colorado Department of Transportation
  • City of Denver
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit
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